Introduction To Our Flock

We started to transition our 9 week old Amber Stars outside into the chicken run with our 18 week old Rhode Island hens. Unfortunately, it was not a warm welcome!

As I quickly learned, my Rhode Island’s didn’t take well to all these little pullets running around in their turf. They went from being frightened to full attack mode. My poor Amber Star pullets we’re getting aggressively pecked and attacked. I had to build a barrier within the run for the pullets to safely acclimate to the Rhode Island’s and the enclosure. I took a bunch of scrap wood and chicken wire and made something out of nothing. At least they’re safe from the killer RIR’s. In addition, since they can’t safely enter the coop at night YET… I had to predator proof the run with reinforced metal barrier and wood planks along the bottom to prevent any predators from getting to my babies. So far, so good!

According to fellow chicken owners the transition is easier when they are similiar in size. My Amber Stars need a few more weeks before they are a little closer in size to the RIR’s. But, they were too large for the brooder but not big enough to join the flock so we found a compromise, enclosure within the run.

Any tips on how I can ease this transition, drop me a comment below. I will continue to update periodically. Until next time.

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