Rhode Island Reds: Weeks 15-18

Hey guys! My girls will start laying eggs soon and I am elated! Every morning I wake up and check the nesting boxes and womp, womp, womp… still waiting. I will endure and remain patient.

Watcha’ looking at?

My girls are happy, adventurous, and very demanding. They’re extremely vocal when things don’t go their way. My husband has them spoiled. Everytime anyone walks outside they all come charging towards us making these loud noises expecting the handfuls of bread my husband gives them as treats. Silly girls!

Forage all day

As of now, they’re on layer feed with black sunflower seeds mixed in for unexpected treats. They eat endlessly all over the yard, all morning and afternoon. Once they loose sunlight, they all start their evening march into the coop. They’re great birds and once they begin laying eggs I will update y’all. Until next time!

We have new straw!
Come meet the new addition… NO PLEASE!
Trying to clean the coop but these girls are in everything

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