Amber Star Chicks: Weeks 5-8

My babies are almost ready to join the rest of the flock. My Rhode Island girls are extremely curious as to who keeps peeping and making noise inside the porch.

We have decided not to introduce them to our flock just yet, their size difference is still pretty significant. But I’m counting down the days cause they have become pretty stinky as of late! I find myself cleaning out their brooder weekly and placing fresh pine shavings for them. They eat non-stop, which means they poop non-stop! I want them outside, I think I’m just pretty scared of the introduction to the other girl’s which are pretty feisty. I have placed them in a kennel outside to see how they react but the RIR seem more scared of them than the chicks are. But I guess we’ll see how it goes.

Raising these chicks has been a little different than my Rhode Island’s, the RIR were such scaredy-cats and the Amber Stars are so friendly! If I put my arm in the brooder they all fight to jump on my arm to perch, then they just sit there and let me pet them. They keep growing by the day. They’re too darn cute!

Overall, they’re awesome birds and I can’t wait to see them integrate into the flock with the rest! Until next time.

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