Rhode Island Red Hens: Weeks 10-14

Lately I’ve had so much going on, between caring for my Rhode Island’s and my new Amber Star chicks. It’s been very slow and steady with our Rhode Island’s, we have our routine down pact. They have so much personality and they are such a fun backyard breed, our family really enjoys every minute with them.

They love to forage and eat every insect they see! My kids feed them scratch grains occasionally as a treat, and they practically peck the kids hands off. If we delay in giving them our daily offering these hens will jump in our laps and steal it from our hands, then we have the whole flock in a frenzy chasing the one hen that has the big piece of bread or whatever food we have for them that day… absolutely hilarious!

We’re soon entering the laying phase of our hens lives, so I’m researching affordable options for nesting boxes. I’ve definitely decided on nesting pads inside whatever design I choose for the nesting boxes to keep the eggs cleaner. I saw some chicken owners use milk crates stacked together, some use old dressers, some build them from scratch. I’m still brainstorming but I’m running out of time so I need to build one soon. Any ideas share in the comments below.

Another transition I’m facing soon is changing them to their layer feed and introducing oyster shell into their diet which is a source of calcium, according to research it helps with nice hard shells on the eggs and strong bones for my girls. Have to make sure my girls are healthy!

Check in for updates on my Rhode Island Hens, I’ll provide updates as they continue to reach new milestones. Until next time!

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