Amber Star Chicks: Week 1-4

We’ve recently added some new chicks to our flock. We have 15 Rhode Island Red hens and now we’ve added 15 Amber Star female chicks. Amber Stars are a Rhode Island based hybrid chicken. According to different sources they’re a cross between Leghorns and Rhode Island’s. They have very high egg production, they can lay up to 320 eggs per year. They lay medium brown eggs, very similar to the Rhode Island’s. We’re first time backyard chicken owners, I’m curious to see the difference between the two breeds and learn, learn, learn all there is to know about raising chickens.

Arrival Day

My Amber Stars arrived and they did not require any help or encouragement to eat or drink, they hit the ground running. Unlike my Rhode Island which needed a crash course on how to eat and drink when they first arrived, the Amber Stars did not! I almost want to say they were more intelligent. They started to fly up and perch at the top of their brooder by week 2. When I put my arm inside their brooder they jump and perch on my arm, I have a favorite chick(the runt) that likes to sit on my hand.

Fast forward to week 4, they have started to grow white feathers and I would say they’re in kind of a weird phase, their feathers look like they haven’t combed their hair, ha ha. They’re still cute! They continue to grow and change each day.

My main worry is that I’m absolutely terrified of the day when I finally have to introduce them to the rest of the flock, I’ve been doing lots and lots of research on the best way to do that without risking their safety. I will be building a separate enclosure to put nearby the Rhode Island’s so they can get to know them safely before integrating them into the flock. But we still have plenty of time to figure that out. First, I have to expand their enclosure so all the hens have sufficient space, even though they free range the majority of the day. I see a lot of DIY projects in the upcoming weeks.

That’s all I have for you guys this week, stay tuned for more updates. Until next time!

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