Baby Chicks: Week 5

My girls continue to hit growth spurts weekly. This week their feathers have grown a little fuller, their tail feathers are very pronounced now, their combs have grown a bit as well. They are actually starting to look like adult hens, my babies are growing up so fast!

Very classy

As far as any major changes to our everyday routine, I would say not much has changed since last week… besides the fact that they are eating much more than before. I read that they can switch to grower feed after 5 weeks, by next week I’ll be switching them over to their new feed and purchasing a larger feeder because right now I am refilling their food almost twice a day. I fill up the feeder in the morning and by nightfall there’s next to nothing left. Those 15 girls love to eat!

Huddle up

Their “chick” brooder is no longer sufficient for their size. They look so big in that brooder, if it wasn’t for the chicken wire over the top they would be out of there in a jiffy. Anytime I uncover the brooder, within 10 seconds one of these daring chicks has flew up on top. I still have not finished their coop, it’s been awful weather in my region and I have yet to have one sunny weekend to finish it all up with my husband. Let’s pray for some sun y’all cause my girls are in desperate need of a new home!

What are you lookin’ at?
I’m the boss of this joint

They continue to exhibit major changes in personality. First, they were so shy, then adventurous and curious, now they’re feisty and demanding! When you put your hand in their home, they peck at you and they always expect something from us, since we made treats a staple thing we try to do for them a few times a day, now when they see a hand they associate it with TREAT TIME! Very cute chicks.

Got our eyes on ya!

To wrap up Week 5 of our Rhode Island Red’s they’re healthy, feisty and growing each day more and more. Until next time.

Do you think we could make it if we jump?

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