Baby Chicks: Week 4

We are well into week 4 with our Rhode Island Red girls and they’re not slowing down. This week has been all about escaping the brooder prison. That has become their sole purpose in life. They have acquired the art of being an escape artist.

On my way out

My girls have become so welcoming and completely unafraid of my family. If we put our hand inside the brooder they all run up to us, eat out of our hands and even sit on our hands. They used to be so scared and timid, now they’re ready for the world.

Week 4

My RIR used to be so content in their brooder, but that is no longer the case. Every chance they get at attempting to test their limits and fly up, THEY DO! I had no other choice but to lay more chicken wire straight across the top of my brooder. Even though I previously covered all the edges of the brooder with mesh and chicken wire, that was not going to cut it. They flapped their growing wings and escaped right through the middle opening, and perched right on the edge of the box. Now they’re completely covered with no means of escape. But that doesn’t stop my girls from getting creative and opening up new possibilities of escape.

No means of escape
If I peck enough this hole will keep getting bigger

They love to try new foods, kale and spinach. They love a little bit of cooked brown rice, some oats. I’ve experimented and explored their preferences. I will continue to feed them goodies, on occasion. So far all my girls are happy and healthy, with primarily consuming their chick starter feed in combination with chick grit. They are now consuming a whole feeder full of chick starter daily between the 15 of them and also the waterer is refilled daily to make sure they have plenty of water to stay hydrated in our warm climate. Since week 2 we stopped using the heat lamp due to the high temperatures in our region and they are doing great, with their window I cut out for them they catch the nice afternoon breeze and they love it!

We love to see what’s going on out there

Well, to sum up week 4 I would have to say that my girls have outgrown their brooder and are definitely ready for their forever home outdoors in their coop. I’m attempting to complete their coop by next week and move em’ on outdoors. They’re ready for the next phase in their feathery lives.

My to do list for this upcoming week:

  • Finish the final steps of building the shed
  • Add ventilation to the shed
  • Paint the plywood flooring inside shed for added protection
  • Set up nesting box and roosting bars inside coop
  • Figure out the best waterer and feeder for my girls and set it up
  • Show my girls their new home

Hopefully by next week I can share my girls coop with you all! Until next time!

I believe I can fly
Lazy girl

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