Baby Chicks: Week 3

Week 3

Going into this week things have gotten a little more exciting with my Rhode Island Red chicks, that’s for sure! Wings have grown and the chaos has begun! They have gone from being shy and a bit curious to absolute rebels!

Hey there!

What have I learned about these baby chicks this week?… THEY ARE NO LONGER CHICKS! I would like to consider them pre teen even though it seems so premature but their behavior reminds me of my own pre teen. They started off flapping their wings a bit, here and there. Catching a little flutter running across the brooder, then they spread those wings a little more to jump on a box we put inside the brooder as a little house. Now they have figured out if they can fly unto the box they can make the small jump onto the edge of the cardboard box brooder. Soon after I began finding chicks running around the porch floor! I had no choice but to scramble around the house finding materials to put a barrier overhead so these crazy chicks wouldn’t fly out. It doesn’t look so fancy but it gets the job done(brooders are a temporary residence, no need to break the bank). What has happened in such a short period of time?! All I know is they are so fun and I love to see what they’re going to do next.

I can do it!
That’s right, I can fly.
Yes, it’s crazy but functional!

I introduced grit week 2, so far they’re doing good. At first their poop was a little watery but I’m guessing that was just an adjustment period in the beginning after a major change in their diet. They continue to eat their chick starter feed and I occasionally will throw some leafy greens in their brooder in small amounts for them to experience new foods. They all go crazy for it!

Eat, eat, eat!

Their wing feathers and tail feathers have grown and they love to extend them and show them off very often. I now catch them digging up the pine shavings and squatting down in the area they clear out and and sort of roll around, like if they’re taking a dust bath except with pine shavings. I’m guessing that’s their way of grooming themselves, then all of the other girls start cleaning each other off after each one gets full of pine shavings. It’s pretty cute, actually.

One night I was sitting in the porch when I saw a moth unfortunately land inside the brooder and one of my girls jumped up so quickly and snatched up the moth and once the rest realized what was happening they all started chasing her and it was a battle royale for the moth. That was a real treat for them, I can only imagine when they first go outdoors and experience the bug buffet that’s in store for them, that’s going to be quite an experience.

I’ve started prepping all the components that go inside their chicken coop, the chicken roost(I made one which I shared in a previous post but it doesn’t fit all my girls so I’m still curb hunting for another neat find to turn into a roost), nesting box and I think I might do a DIY PVC pipe feeder and waterer but I’m not quite decided yet. I’ve seen so many neat ideas I’m still undecided on which is best for my girls. I saw a trash bin with inserts for the chickens to stick their little heads in to eat and minimize food waste and I really like that idea also, so I’m still puzzled on what to do. When I decide I will share with an accompanying DIY post. I did manage to complete the nesting box with a kitchen cabinet and scrap wood I had on hand, it’s on my site you should check it out!

Nesting Box

They have become so friendly and curious, the once timid and scared chicks I had are long gone! When I used to reach into the brooder they would run for their lives! Now they walk up to me, they let me pet them and they peck at my hands looking for food of course. I cut out a small window in their brooder to allow the heat to escape since we live in a warmer region. I noticed my girls were too hot one day with their mouths open, I knew they needed some ventilation. Let me tell you they loveee to look out their window and see everything that’s going on in the porch, I catch them snooping on me all the time. They really are the cutest! Well that’s pretty much all I have for week 3 of my Rhode Island Reds. So far, so good! Let’s see what next week brings, until next time!

Taking a peak

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