DIY Cabinet Chicken Nesting Box

On my journey into being a first time backyard chicken owner, I’ve now reached the stage where I have to start finishing up the components that will go into the chicken coop(which I’m still working on). My next DIY project is the chicken nesting box, where my girls will go squat and pop me some eggs.

I brainstormed and went crazy on Pinterest looking at ideas, deep diving into numerous chicken blogs and after all my research I was steadfast in NOT overspending on a fancy shmancy nesting box after I saw such affordable and creative ideas, I just had to come up with my own. I had the PERFECT idea, I recently removed a cabinet from my kitchen that was 36” wide. While I was searching nesting boxes from popular retailers I noticed the average width for a single nesting box was 12”, so that meant I can make a triple nesting box with my cabinet. I just had to get creative with what I had on hand, I grabbed these items:

  • 36” kitchen cabinet
  • 6 pieces of scrap pallet wood
  • 1- 2x4x8 lumber (cut 4-18” pieces) from a previous project
  • 36” of leftover chicken wire
  • Stapler gun
  • Rotary tool
  • 7 zip ties
  • 3 plastic bins (only things I purchased at Dollar Tree $3)
  • Wood screws
  • Nails
  • Hinge (from a chair i found on the curb and dismantled)

Step 1: I pre cut all the wood.

The 2x4x8 lumber, I cut 4- 18” pieces for the legs of my nesting box.

I cut one of my scrap pallet wood 2 1/2”x 36” to use as the guard in the front of the nesting box to avoid the bins sliding out or the straw.

I cut another pallet plank 36” length to utilize as a ledge to make it easier for my girls to get in and out of their nesting box.

I cut 2 pallet wood pieces 28” in length for the ramp and then I cut 5 small pieces 1 1/2” x 8” for the steps on the ramp.

Last cut was a piece of scrap wood I had that used to be a wooden slat on a platform bed, I cut 2-10” pieces to screw inside the cabinet to separate the 3 nesting boxes.

Cutting wood

Step 2: I dismantled the cabinet by removing the doors and hinges, then I cut the center divider on the front of the cabinet so I would have an open space for my chickens to easily come in and out.

Took the cabinet doors off

Step 3: I attached my four 2’x4”x1.5’ lumber to the cabinet bottom with 2 wood screws each to utilize as the legs to my nesting box

Attached the legs to my nesting box

Step 4: I then slid in my 2- 10” wood pieces at the 12” mark and the 24” mark as dividers and I used 4 wood screws to secure them from the top and bottom of the cabinet.

Inserted the dividers

Step 5: I used my 2 1/2” x 36” piece of pallet wood and attached it to the front of my cabinet with 2 wood screws as a barrier to prevent the bins and straw from falling out. Then underneath the barrier, I attached the 36” pallet plank also with 3 wood screws as the ledge for my chickens to get in and out with ease.

Added the barrier
Added the ledge

Step 6: I built the ramp with 2 pallet planks I cut in 28” length, I put them side by side and nailed the 5- 1/2” x 8” small pieces onto the two pallet planks with one nail on each pallet plank. I then attached it to the ledge with a leftover hinge I had from the chair I dismantled in my previous DIY project for the chicken roost.

Assembled the ramp
Attached the hinge from the ramp to the ledge

Step 7: I took some leftover wood stain I had in the garage, with a rag I stained the wood to make it all the same color wood as the cabinet. For aesthetic purposes only, it really did not contribute to the functionality of the nesting box whatsoever, but it looks very nice!

Getting ready to stain
Staining the chicken nesting box
Done staining

Step 8: I purchased 3 plastic bins from dollar tree but they were too tall so I conveniently helped myself to my husbands rotary tool and cut the 3 bins 2 1/2” in height so they are now low enough for my girls to walk right in with ease. There were rough plastic edges that I picked off by hand(super easy) and I filled with straw and put inside the nesting box.

Marked where to cut and used the rotary tool
Peeling the rough edges off by hand
Put in bins with straw

Step 9: Last but not least, I took the leftover roll of chicken wire I had and used my husbands staple gun to staple it to the top of the nesting box to avoid the chickens getting up there and pooping all over it(which apparently they love to do according to many chicken owners). Then I used my handy dandy zip ties to make an incline in my chicken wire roof(clever,right?).

Stapling the chicken wire
Still working
Zip ties
Made an incline on the chicken wire roof

And there you have it, my DIY Cabinet Nesting Box for my chickies! This was really fun to do and I enjoyed it so much. What was even more satisfying is the fact that it was all done without breaking the bank! Until next time.

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