Baby Chicks: Week 2

It’s been two weeks since my baby chicks have joined our crazy family. Each day they do something new and unexpected. We have established a routine, I’m no longer having a panic attack every second of everyday worried of their demise(lol).

I have figured out that with us being in a warmer climate, as we approach week 2 they no longer need their heat lamp during the day due to the high temperature conditions in our region. I noticed they were too hot and ran away from the lamp, then I saw a few chicks with their mouths open and I shut off that heat lamp like I was The Flash. Now they’re comfortable with the exterior temperature during the day and at night I turn the heat lamp back on to ensure they’re nice and warm. Lesson of the week: If you live in warmer climates and you have your baby chicks during spring or summer and the chicks are in the garage or porch enduring the outside heat, after the first week turn that lamp off in the daytime.

Hey there

Their wing and tail feathers have extended so much. They have a beautiful pattern of brown, white and black feathers. They stretch out their wings and groom themselves and each other as well. They try to fly up on top of the boxes we put in there for them to play with and go inside. They really seem to enjoy going in and out of the boxes and attempting to fly on and off. They fight over who gets to reign supreme and stand on top of the box, the other chicks peck at whichever one is cool enough to get up there(it’s pretty funny).

Chick in the house
This is my box
Hanging out
Good spot to watch everyone
I’m on the tallest box

This week I have noticed a few of my girls becoming more comfortable around our family. The majority of them run for their lives when we walk outside into the porch as if we’re Godzilla! But if we calmly just put our hand inside the brooder in a corner and act like we’re kicking up the pine shavings and pecking around there are two or three chicks that come up to us to check out what’s up. They imitate us by kicking up the pine shavings after we do it with our hand, and they will eat out of our hands and let us gently pet them. They’re really curious and full of personality, can’t wait to see how they change as they continue to grow with us.

I introduced chick grit to my babies today, I want to prepare them for their first play date outside in their fenced enclosure. I will give you guys a tour of their fenced enclosure and their toys and goodies that I found while I was curbside hunting! After further research I found out that if the chicks are going to ingest anything but chick starter feed then they need chick grit introduced into their diet to help the digestive system break down the food. It grinds down the food in their little gizzard and keeps everything functioning as it should, so… chick grit is a MUST if their going to peck around in the grass for the first time. Sometime this week I’ll get over my nerves and take them on a little field trip to the backyard enclosure, and of course I will share it all!

Purchased at my local feed store

Well that pretty much concludes week 2 with my little Rhode Island Red babies. I will update you all next week with their development and fun facts I continue to learn. I will also continue to share my DIY projects as I get my girls coop ready. Until next time!

Got the food to myself
With my girls
Hey hey
Sleepy time

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