DIY Chicken Roost

I was driving home when I saw someone dumped a broken wooden directors chair on the curb. The gears in my mind went into overdrive, I immediately pulled over and stuffed it in my truck. I imagined I could turn that into a roost with little to no money at all! I was able to put together my roost in 3 easy steps.

1. I dismantled the top half of the chair which was not needed and removed the arm rests and hinges that held it all together, and fabric that was once the seating part of the chair.

2. I took two pallet wood slats I had laying around and cut them both 36” in length with my saw(yes, I work the saw guys!). I then, used 4 exterior wood screws to attach the two pallet slats to the base. It turned out very sturdy, I sat on it to make sure it would support the weight of my girls once they are full size and YES, it did!

3. Next, paint! I had some exterior porch, floor and patio paint(which I found at Lowe’s in the junk paint section for $5) that I purchased to paint the floor of my hens coop(which I will share with y’all once it’s complete) so I utilized some of the paint to add a protective coating to the roost.

Side note: Paint is completely optional, it’s not a requirement. I did it for extra protection on the wood and it looks nicer.

And viola, now I have a roost for at least 4-6 hens for $0! Of course, I had all my materials on hand from previous projects or curbside finds, that’s why you should always be on the lookout because one mans trash could be another woman’s treasure!

Here’s my finished DIY chicken roost for my hens. I hope you guys enjoyed my post, I will be back tomorrow with my chicks week 2 update! Until next time!

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