Baby Chicks: Week 1

My Rhode Island Red baby chicks were born last Wednesday 05/06/20, and arrived at my house Friday. They are officially 1 week old, and let me tell you they have grown so much already! They have such personality! A lot of people have the misconception that chickens don’t have as much character as any other pet, THEY ARE WRONG! We sit out in our porch and just watch them run around, eat, drink, sleep, jump, groom. We have nicknames for a few of them that we’ve been able to distinguish from the rest. For example, my personal favorite is the runt of them all. She’s smaller than the rest of my girls and she has a small little body with a very tiny backside, so she has earned the name No Butt. She’s just so darn cute!
Here are 3 things I learned about them week 1:

  1. They grow by the minute! They have growth of feathers on their wings & tails already! The chicks themselves have almost doubled in size since their arrival.  I doubted my choice to make such a large brooder, but I’m so glad I did! They’re going to need the space.
    The chicks love to play! We put an upside down shoe box with an entrance and they are so playful, when one goes in the box, they all want to follow! The box officially began the let’s fly on top of the box challenge.
     When they sleep they look like they’re dead! DON’T FREAK OUT! I almost did, until another chick was rude enough to step on the sleeping chick and she just popped right up. That was the first time I saw them sleep.

My recommendation for anyone interested in becoming a first time chicken owner. Plan ahead! Have your brooder set up with your feeder(with chick starter feed), waterer(I added quick chik that contains vitamins and electrolytes), infrared heat lamp(I prefer hanging the light so I can adjust the light height by lowering or raising the rope to adjust the temperature in the brooder), and the right bedding. Have them in a location in your home where they can be at peace in a setting with minimum movement and noise, away from children and other household animals such as dogs or cats that could possible harm them. They don’t like being handled too much, touch them as little as possible because you don’t want to stress them out. Last but not least, make sure the brooder has the right temperature range to ensure the baby chicks do not get chilled at night.

Well guys that’s about all I have for y’all this week. I will post weekly updates to share with you all what I’ve learned and the growth of my baby Rhode Island Red chicks. Until next time!

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