The Chicks Arrival

The chicks are here! I went today to pick up my baby chicks at my local post office. Early in the morning upon my arrival I knew they were there from all the chirping I heard behind the counter. Everyone I walked by suddenly had a smile on their face from the sounds of my little chicks. I drove home eager and thrilled about my little babies and so elated to get them home and settled into their new brooder.

As I walk in, my children are already swarming me at the door to see the new additions to our family. We walked outside together to the chicks brooder, open the box, and gently take them out one by one. I can tell they were scared but very curious that’s for sure. They immediately went under the heat lamp and huddled together seeking warmth after their long journey from Iowa. They were pretty energetic considering they traveled 2 days cooped up in a box with minimum space to move, they looked like sardines in a can.

I immediately noticed they were not attempting to eat or drink at all and I went into full panic mode like the amateur chicken owner I am. All I was thinking is they’re sick, something is wrong! Then my aunt had a brilliant idea, she said when I was young in Puerto Rico your grandmother used to take us on Easter to buy chicks and we used to throw them corn on the ground. Lo and behold, I grab their feed and scatter it on the ground and they went into full mosh pit mode eating, bumping into each other, trampling one another eating up all the feed. Once the baby chicks got a taste of their food it didn’t take long before they were wanting some more and went to their feeders. They haven’t stopped eating since. Now my next struggle, they would not drink water, why?! I grabbed a flat plastic plate and poured a very small amount (to not risk them drowning of course) of the water I had with the Quik chick powder full of vitamins and electrolytes and they all circled the plate but would not drink. Until the bravest of all little chicks tried it first and BAM!, they all went in to quench their thirst. Once, they finished that water I took away their plate that they used as a washing station for their little chick feet rather than a waterer. They all went looking for another water source and the hanging waterer has now become their second best friend after their feeder of course.

As of now, their happy and curious and I will check back in to let you all know how their first night went! Until next time.


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